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Spruce up your hair this summer with flawless, beachy, effortless curls!

What is a Beach Wave Perm?

This treatment involves no heat; rather, it makes use of a gentle waving lotion that creates gorgeous curls. Soft curl formers are used to create these beachy waves in approximately two hours or less…but trust us, it’s worth the time!

Who is the ideal candidate for a Beach Wave Perm?

If you are someone with healthy hair and a dream to be able to air-dry your hair without frizz and knots? This type of perm leaves your hair with a soft texture, making your hair far more manageable.

Those who have had minor coloring treatments previously done are also good candidates; however if you have heavy highlights or bleached hair, this is NOT a recommended treatment.

Benefits of a Beach Wave Perm

On those that deal with frizz on the daily, you’ll want to book your appointment soon before all of our slots are filled! The Beach Wave will calm down the frizz for you.

On naturally straight hair, there will still be slight frizz after the treatment; however, you will be left with an amazing texture to your hair!

Consult your stylist for approved Paul Mitchell products that you should use to maintain your new Beach Wave Perm, as well as products you should avoid.

Types of Wraps

Beach Wave Wrap

  • Straight and wavy textures

  • Creates sexy, tousled beach waves

Style Support Wrap

  • Adds volume to limp hair

  • Creates bouncy, voluptuous curls

Expansion Wrap

  • Expanded texture

  • Creates resilient, dynamic curl patterns

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